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High Risk - Children Without A Conscience

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The authors explore the reasons why children without a conscience are growing in number. They are at risk of becoming "trust bandits," con-men, liars, dance-away lovers, backstabbers of the business world, and even psychopathic killers.

Product Description

This is an excellent book, and should be required reading for all divorce attorneys, all parents going through a divorce, and all judges who deal with divorce cases involving children.

The book discusses what attachment is, and what can happen when attachment (bonding) to people does not occur. It helped my wife and I to understand what was happening with a foster daughter we had that we later adopted. We received her at 10 months old, and she had never been with a person long enough to bond. Picking her up was like picking up and cuddling a large board. The little girl did not want to be with anybody that she knew. She would reach out and ask any stranger to take her.

This little girl's problems were severe enough that if she had been older, she would have been very likely to kill. It has taken years of work and patience to help her to develop a deep attachment with people.

One of the problems that this book addresses and helps people to understand is the typical length of time that a child can be apart from their primary caretaker without significant attachment difficulties being likely to oc

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Author Dr. Ken Magid and Carole McKelvey

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