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Prayer Letter, August 7, 2017


Beloved Intercessors;


Loving greetings from Campbellsville University (a soul-winning Baptist school that is welcoming the move of the Holy Spirit), in Campbellsville, Kentucky! We have just arrived in time to attend the first two meetings of Ignite America, a "spiritual anchoring" event for college students sponsored by ETH Judy and Jerry Ball and their Ministry, Breaker of Dawn. Pastor Mark Bristow and Claren and Nancy McQueen are also here. There is a Holy-Ghost-ordered array of speakers and musicians to help college students develop a firm spiritual foundation to set them on the right path for life.  Please pray for all that God has planned to be accomplished in these meetings!


A few months before she passed on, Sister Gwen prophesied over Judy and Jerry that God would give them a great harvest in this generation. That was before God gave them the vision for Ignite America. Ignite America is about igniting hearts for Jesus, encountering Him, and connecting generations and university students from multiple campuses and nations. Hundreds of students will be attending. Lives are being impacted for eternity, glory to God!


From here we head toward Washington DC, to be with our ETH&S Branch there for a meeting on Saturday cosponsored by ETH Charlotte Phillips' Glory Center Ministries International. ETH Patricia Porter will be there, as well as Jerry and Karen Ellard. We are expecting to have a blowout Glory time!


On Sunday we will be ministering with Bishops Emmanuel and Mercy MacJones at Godpleasers Family Church in Lanham, MD. We will be having a special celebration of the marriage of Ann Higginbotham and Cecil Lewis. We want to bless them in their God-given destiny together.


Sunday night we are headed for Calvary campground to enjoy the ministry of Bonnie Chavda. Then Monday through Wednesday evenings, we will be ministering there. We look forward to all that God is going to do! We are expecting lives to be changed for eternity! We hope that you will join us in prayer for the harvesters to be impacted as they go out into the harvest fields!


ETH Nigeria Director, Sandra Darlington, will be joining us over the weekend and journeying back to Engeltal with us. 

I have been so stirred as I have been reviewing the videos from the World Convention! God poured out his Spirit in such a glorious way! We hope that you have already marked off the first week of July next year (2-6), to be sure that you attend the 40th World Convention. We are believing God for the most amazing and glorious World Convention yet as Handmaidens and Servants return once again to reconnect with their foundations and get their marching orders for the next move of God!


Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip