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Come Away, My Beloved

by Travis Southmayd.

August 13. 1993


His lead stallions,

Charging the night watchers, He calls for His maidens!


Arise! The time set for jubilation has at last come!

Come out of her!

The land of trades and dark shadows,

Out from the hinder most of all nations,

Her many flute players and sick reveling.

My anger is kindled through out her cities.

Suddenly! Her queenly beauty will

sit and cry in shame.

Come out! Sing and dance to Me your wedding song!

Come out! From her corners of mixed shadows.

Make haste! come up and away My precious jewels,

For why will you flirt with her dust and ashes

In full view of My splendor and My riches'?

Return to Me, for I am blowing down My presence

Like the fluttering of dove's wings,

Spreading over you My glorious canopy,

As the new millennium drips its first felt dew.

Hurry, Hurry! Arouse yourselves, unlatch your door!

For why will you sleep when I linger so near'?


Arise! Hurry! Come out and away

My precious Bride!

I've already spread out the banqueting table,

Broken the bread and poured out the wine!

Come and Dine!

Purify your heart's desires till alone they're all Mine.

I've gone ahead and hallowed your special place

And adorned it with Heaven's choicest wishes.

Oh, look for Me as the night awaits

a new morning dawn.

Come, My Love, let us fly away, come!

Let us fly through jubilant and radiant places,

High above all angelic orchestras,

High above the heights of dancing and joy.

O, come away My Beloved! Take your desired rest.

Greater into the beauty of Paradise!

O, come away My Beloved! Take your lasting place.

Enter into the joy of My presence!