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Prayer Letter, September 21, 2017


Beloved Intercessors,


Loving New Year’s greetings from Engeltal! Although the biblical calendar year starts in the spring in the Hebrew month of Nissan, the biblical economic year and Jubilee begins in the fall, in the seventh month. It’s rather like our Gregorian calendar begins in January, but our fiscal year may start at another time and our school year typically starts in August or September.


Today begins the Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Teruah in Hebrew. It is a time of the blowing of trumpets and shouting as a memorial or reminder. The word teruah means an alarm, signal, sound of tempest, shout, or blast of war or alarm or joy. Beloved, the feasts of the Lord are rehearsals for the day of their fulfilment that is yet to come. We know that one day “the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed” (1 Corinthians 15:52). So today we rehearse with shouts of joy and blowing of trumpets as a reminder that God will fulfill everything He has promised, including a trumpet blast and a shout. Signs in the heavens are also reminders of God’s faithfulness to His Word.


New Year’s Word: This morning in my devotions, I received a word from the Lord for this new season: Yield to Me in the Midst of the Storm


"I can keep you in perfect peace if you will flow with Me in the center of the storm. Instead of “hunkering down” to ride out a hurricane, come with Me into the eye of the storm. I will be your refuge, though all around you is being challenged by the wind. Destruction of all that is not anchored in Me will take place, but fear not — flow with Me. "When you dwell in the secret place of My Presence, My “shadow” of Shekinah Glory will preserve you in perfect peace. Keep your mind stayed on Me. Worship and praise Me; obey My voice and do all of that I speak, and I will be an Enemy to your enemies [Exodus 23:27]. "Your dance before Me will open the heavens to My Presence and create an “eyewall” of destruction to uproot all that I did not plant in your life and in your nations [Matthew 15:13]. "Do not be afraid! There is no ungodly fear in My Presence. But understand that My throne moves on My cloud of Glory on the wheels that Ezekiel saw, empowered by worship [Ezekiel 1, Psalm 68:4, Revelation 4]. "Get in agreement with the Seraphim and the Living Creatures who cry, “Holy, holy, holy is Yehovah of hosts: His glory is the fullness of the whole earth.” Doing so in godly fear and trembling will bring the shaking that I have promised: the shaking of all that can be shaken, to establish that which is unshakable, all the way to the foundations of the threshold of My House [Isaiah 6:3–4, Hebrews 12:27]. The smoke of My Presence will appear as it did on Mount Sinai when I came down to make covenant with Moses and the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and conviction and repentance will fall upon the observers of My Glory. The Seraphim will bring coals from the altar to touch and cleanse the unclean lips that have been speaking words that are contrary to My Word. "I am coming to establish My Kingdom in the earth, and I am calling those who tremble at My Word and in My Presence to enter My secret place of My Presence and worship and reverence Me as never before. "I am inviting you to participate in My purposes in the earth as you worship and intercede. You will be standing on the earth establishing My righteous throne, connecting My heavenly Glory to the earth to restore it to My original intent. "Do not fear the storms and shakings as I reform the earth and its inhabitants. Worship in My Glory and be kept in My perfect peace with your mind stayed on Me." I will share other recent words and visions at the end of this letter.


South Africa: Last Thursday, we returned home from having a glorious time in South Africa. We spent three weeks in four different locations, and we watched the Lord change lives with many salvations, rededications, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, and healings in each place. Glory to God! It was also exciting to see those who had been healed and delivered on previous trips still walking in victory, and being used to lead others into victory as well. For a more detailed report of the trip, see the video of last week’s Friday Night Live Worship session on our Facebook page.


Littles Return to Jerusalem: Gene and Marylois arrived safely back in Jerusalem on Monday night. They are back in their position, standing their watch in the City of the Great King at this strategic time of the Fall Feasts of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers for them.


Awaken the Dawn, Washington D.C.: There is a significant event taking place a couple of weeks from now. October 6-9 (during the Feast of Tabernacles), thousands of people from across the nation will be meeting on the National Mall for 24-hour worship and prayer in 50 tents, one for each state in the union, followed by a rally of intercessors. The vision is to begin a whole new Jesus Movement. “In a time of unusual governmental shift in America, we are calling America to the national Mall in a procession to bring the ‘ark of God’ to our nation’s capital. There is only one Man who is ultimately worthy. As we gather around Jesus, righteousness will be affected in our nation including our national government!”(www.awakenthedawn.org).


I believe that the word the Lord gave me this morning fits with the vision of this event. It is exciting to learn that a number of ETH&S are going from their respective states. We feel that it is imperative that we participate! We are in the process of putting together a team to send from Engeltal, but we need help. Would you please pray about helping to fund the travel, food, and lodging expenses so that we can send the team? This event is going to be used by God to affect change across the nation, and we need to be involved! And other nations will be affected by the changes in this nation. Please click here to visit the secure donation page on our website and specify “Awaken the Dawn” in the comments section. You can also send through the mail to P.O. Box 447, Jasper, AR 72641.


Unity in the Ozarks: We know that we are on the brink of a greater move in the Ozark Mountains region than has ever been seen before. Dr. Billye Brim is being led by the Lord to call for the ministers of the region to come together for fellowship and prayer. Philip and I have been invited and feel that we are to participate in this regional connection from which we will join in the prayer effort for our nation. We are pressing in for a Great Awakening that will bring reformation to this nation.


Prayer Requests: Although we have received numerous prayer requests, today we want to share four urgent ones:  Sister Gwen’s son Tommy Schmidt has been diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. Here is a brief quote from his blog:


“This year-2017, we have stepped out in faith, moving to Harrison Arkansas to be totally independent as Rivers of Refreshing in the desert ministry where I reside with my wife and down syndrome son, while also pastoring a small church in Jasper Arkansas…. I need to be there for my son who is physically and mentally challenged. I feel there’s much more I could contribute. I believe there is much more ahead of me, but I need your help to get through this difficult time. Some doctors say that chemotherapy is the only way to go, while others tell me that there are superior alternative choices that allow me to not destroy my immune system and body through chemotherapy. The alternative choices come with no insurance opportunity." Please join us in prayer to bless Tommy and his family as they step out in faith, and to ask God to shower them with His goodness and mercy to bring healing and restoration. We pray that they will fulfill all that God has written in His books for their destiny. If you feel led to contribute to his needs, here is a link to his gofundme.com donation page:


https://www.gofundme.com/helptommyschmidtwithcancer If you would like to write Tommy and Mannah, their address is still PO Box 384, Jasper, AR 72641.


Sandy Baldwin has recently had a mass removed from her forehead and biopsied. The pathology report says “B cell Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.” But Sandy is believing the report of the Lord, that she is healed! Please stand with us as we stand with Sandy, and declare the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ over this diagnosis. Also pray for wisdom for Sandy and the doctors as they begin to look at treatment options.


Please pray for Alma Hagen, a dear handmaiden in her nineties; she was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack on September 19. She has had a stent, a temporary pacemaker, and a breathing tube put in, and is in ICU. A recent report stated that she was “settled and stable and clear headed.” Praise God! Please pray for a rapid recovery, and that she will fulfill every day written in her book in Heaven with wholeness and strength of body and mind.


Kurdistan, September 5th: One of our handmaidens who has ministered in Kurdistan reminds us to pray for their independence referendum to be held on September 25. This would start the process of Kurdistan separating from Iraq to become its own sovereign nation. The Kurds are descendants of the ancient Medes and have been persecuted and sidelined by the other factions of Islam. Our handmaiden writes: “They are part of the Isaiah 19 prophecy. ‘...Assyria my handiwork...’ I believe a nation can be birthed in a day (Isaiah 66:8). Will you join me in praying and fasting for them as the LORD leads?”


Harvest Gathering: Don’t forget that our annual Harvest Gathering is October 25-28 with Sigi Oblander, Stephanie Schureman and yours truly as speakers. The theme is: “Outpouring for the Harvest.” You can register by clicking on this link.


Thank you for praying with us!

Your handmaiden,

Sharon Buss



Here is the schedule for the remaining Prayer Letters of 2017:

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October 20th

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December 1st & 15th


Prophetic Word

Linda Gladman, Tuesday, September 19:

The day is coming when I will require more, says God. As you would say in your nation, “I want the whole enchilada.” You say of people, “Oh, they’re demon possessed,” but there is a day coming when the people will say, “These people are God-possessed!” I want to come and take control of every little area of your life. I want it all. I must have all of you, for you must have all of Me. The day is coming when you will have nothing to depend on but Me, but you must know that you can depend on Me for everything. I will never leave you or forsake you. You know the depths of My love in a measure, but there is so much more I want to give you. I want to possess you. You were chosen from Heaven for this time to be on Earth, for there’s a very special work that must be done, and there are souls that must be saved. There are people that must be delivered, and nations that must be released from their bondages. Yield to Me completely, and I will come in in a brand new way, and light a fire in you that will never go out.


Prophetic Vision

Linda Gladman, Thursday, September 21:

While we were worshiping, I had a replay of something I saw about five years ago in devotions in Torah Hall. I saw a woman dancing and she had on a white, layered dress that was trimmed in fire. Instead of sequins, it was fire around each one of the layers. She was just dancing and worshiping before the Lord. Suddenly, she started whirling around and she became a pillar of fire. Then the Lord said, “I will have My Bride.”