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Prayer Letter, August 18, 2017



Beloved Intercessors,


Loving greetings from Engeltal! We are excited about this weekend with Dutch Sheets and Clay Nash! We have nearly every available bed filled with guests, and are anticipating many to come who won’t be staying with us. If you won’t be joining us in person, we hope you will join us on our Facebook page where we will be streaming the meetings live, or you can watch the archives later.

It feels like such a strategic time right now! I’ve been pressing in to maintain a focus on the Presence of the Lord. I believe that’s the “secret place of the Most High” of Psalm 91. I’m becoming increasingly passionate for the Lamb to receive the reward of His sufferings, and for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven! I pray that you are also receiving this wind of the Holy Spirit filling your sails to drive you into His purpose for your life!


Linda Gladman shared with us a song that the Lord gave her a few months ago:

            Lay your head upon My breast.
            Come close to Me and I will give you rest.

            I’m preparing you for the days ahead,
            And I will do everything I said.

            I’ve been waiting on you to take time for Me.
            I have things to tell you and you have things to see.

            Great changes are coming upon the earth.
            You cannot stay stagnant, you must rise and give birth.

            You must heal the broken, cause blind eyes to see.
            You must reap the harvest, and bring them Home to Me.

            I will prepare you for all you must do,
            For your end-time destiny I have written in you.


The Pursuer wants to be pursued:  If in the course of time you may have been snared, have gotten off the path, maybe slightly lukewarm, or even just so busy that you don’t have the fullness of intimacy with the Lord that you once had, or if you just want to be desperate again for God, remember that The Pursuer wants to be pursued. Seek His face! Receive all He has paid for you to have! Pray, “Increase my desire for You, Lord!” Jesus is waiting for us to surrender our own ways and let Him live His life to the full through us. He’s about to pour out His Spirit on all flesh and He’s looking for every willing soul He can use. The Bride makes herself ready by yielding to the Holy Spirit in love. Those that are trained to respond to Him in obedience will be the ones He chooses to use in the coming move. Are you ready? In pressing in for more revelation from the Lord, are we hearing Him say, “You won’t get more until you practice what you already received”?


Go back to the place of your greatest encounters with the King and walk in that anointing and experience. Your enemy has been trying to steal it, to kill, and destroy it—and you—so you don’t destroy his kingdom of darkness. He’s tried to ensnare you and limit your effectiveness. If you need to repent, do it!

Robert Henderson’s teaching on Operating in the Courts of Heaven will help you overcome the accuser instead of him overcoming you! It’s time for us to walk in the victory that the Lamb of God paid for! We overcome the accuser of the brethren by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, and we do not love our lives so much that we would not lay them down for Him.


The Living Sacrifice: Etienne Blom was with us in June for a marvelous equipping weekend. I highly recommend that you get the recordings of that event—the teaching was rich! One of the subjects he taught was about being a living sacrifice. Taking the example of the sacrifices that were made under the Mosaic Covenant, you first offer God your head, and go to the “trading floor” of Heaven to exchange with Him your mind and thinking for His. Exchange your seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling (discernment), and all your words for His. Then you offer your feet and legs, receiving in exchange His way of walking and going His path instead of yours. Then you offer Him your hands and arms, receiving in exchange His acts and power. The next step is your innards—giving Him your heart and soul, and even your way of digesting the issues of life, and receive His instead. Then your skin—your covering/any false covering—is exchanged for His. Then the rest of you—your back, your strength—is exchanged for His. In this way, you lay your life down daily and take up His life, then you will be prepared to fulfil all that He has for you each day. This is a pattern that can help us move forward into God’s next move as fully prepared vessels of honor in the Master’s house!


Missions: As we prepare to go to South Africa with a team, August 23-September 14, please be in prayer for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will impact that nation, to raise up the Body of Christ like a roaring lion to rule in the authority of the Kingdom of God over the powers of darkness that have held multitudes in bondage for generations. Please pray for the cost of the tickets and other expenses to be met in abundance so that we may be able to sow good seed in good ground.


Engeltal Renovations: We are still trying to get the Zion House finished for Gene and Marylois so that St. John’s can be renovated for the Sallers. Sammy is now 14 months old and his crib is still at the foot of his parents’ bed in their small room. Please pray for the finances and skilled labor to be able to complete these projects in short order.


40th World Convention: We hope you have marked your calendar and plan to be with us July 2-6, 2018, for our 40th World Convention! Please be praying with us faithfully for the Lord to bring from near and far all those who need to get their marching orders from the Lord for their “Promised Land” assignment! After forty starts a whole new life!


Thank you! We are so grateful for all who pray for us and for all who give! We so appreciate those who help to hold up our hands and help keep us going!


Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip