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Friday, 20 September 2013 14:33

Prayer Letter, September 20, 2013 by Sharon Buss Featured

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Beloved Intercessors,


            Glory to God! The International School of Ministry was exactly what the Lord spoke to our staff member, Midi Hafer: ?This ISOM will be the first of its kind!? We have never had any event in Engeltal that was quite like it! We had a capacity group. With the exception of a bed that is in need of repair, I believe every bed was full and one lady slept on a recliner!
            The power of God was so evident?even almost tangible at times. At one point the Lord?s Presence was so strong that even the teachers who have all walked with the Lord in glorious revival didn?t dare touch anyone, as the Lord Himself was touching people sovereignly and ministering to them.
            Dr. Gene Little opened the book of Zechariah to us, bringing out historical events and end-time truths. It was powerful.
            Dr. Mark Bristow, teaching ?Healing for the Nations,? gave us practical tools for ministering healing and specifically gave us a veritable basketful of wisdom on how to go to the nations and be prepared to be used by God.
            Rev. Eva Dooley, a woman of the Word and the Holy Spirit, taught us how to excel in the prophetic. She brought wonderful truths out of the Word of God to help us hone our skills in ministering to people through the definite leading of the Holy Spirit.
            Dr. Flo Ellers, a revivalist herself, made revival come to life in our expectations. She taught revival from the Word of God, and shared from her own experiences, the very human point of view of being used by God in revival.
        We received the hope that God can use each of us in a mighty way. That is our heritage in this ministry and we are pressing forward to let God be God and do what He wants to do in us, through us, all around us, and even in spite of us!
            It was so refreshing to have a group of people that were so hungry for God! They drew the anointing out of the teachers who laid out a table of ?royal dainties? and ?strong meat? of the Word of God. Many of the students had never been here before and came with high expectations. We were all met with an exceeding abundance of impartation, above what we could ask or think! If you are hungry for God, I?m sure that much of the same power of God we experienced will go out with the recordings that were made. I highly encourage you to avail yourself of the DVDs or CDs and receive from God what He poured out here last week. It was astounding!

Next Friday
            We will be having a very special guest for our Friday Night Live Worship on September 27. ETH Debra Minotti of Ebenezer Emergency Fund will be with us to share about what God is doing with their ministry, helping Jewish people make aliyah (return to Israel to make it their home). Sister Gwen had the privilege of going on one of their ships with a group of Russian Jews as they were going to Israel to start a new life. It was a very moving experience for her. Be sure to come and be with us at the Ozark Glory Tabernacle. Call us if you would like to come and spend the night at Engeltal after the meeting. Bring your own sheets and towels and you can stay in the dorm. If you can?t come, join us online on our website http://www.eth-s.org/en/media-center. If you are not able to join us live, a few hours later, the meeting will appear in the archives so you can watch it when you want to.

Harvest Gathering and Chaplaincy Training
            The Harvest Gathering, November 7-10, is also going to be an event you will not want to miss. Get it on your calendar and do everything you can to join us! I feel like we will have a capacity crowd again and the beds in Engeltal will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be a registration fee of $25 per person for those staying in Engeltal. We will start the registration for it shortly, so watch for the announcement and sign up. I am expecting God to show up and bring us into a new place in Him.
            Chaplain Melissa Slagle  will be with us on November 11 to train
in Critical Incident Stress Management/Debriefing (CISM+). This is the training that qualifies people to go into disaster situations and be put to work helping people that are in crisis. We know that both natural and man-made catastrophes are happening all around us, and we know that they will continue to increase like birth pangs in the coming days. End-Time Handmaidens and Servants (and friends of this ministry) who feel called to minister, need to have this kind of training so that we can tend the victims and bring them the comfort of the Lord in their time of trauma. Participants will receive a certificate of completion that is recognized worldwide. COST: $70.00 per person. Pray about coming to be with us! You can enjoy the Harvest Gathering and then stay over for CISM+ training.

All-Night Worship and Work Week
            The Lord made it clear to Sister Gwen and Papa Jim that Engeltal would be a place of refuge in the days to come and also a center of revival. We are moving forward to prepare Engeltal for the fulfillment of those prophetic words. Renovation and maintenance are needed in a number of places here. We are planning for the first week of December to be a work week when volunteers can come and help us with a lot of activities to spruce up the place. We can use people with skills in carpentry, plumbing, tree trimming, cleaning, painting, cooking, etc.
            We hope that you will join us next time we worship together all night on the fifth Friday of November (the 29th), and stay over for as much of the next week as you are able to help us restore and put Engeltal in order for what the Lord plans to do here. Mark your calendar now and watch for an announcement to register for it.
            If you are not able to come and help us in person, please pray for this project that the Lord will make provision for all the materials we will need. If He speaks to you to help us financially, we will also be very grateful.
Thank you!
            We appreciate each one who has given to this ministry. We bless you for your help in prayer and generosity.

Your Handmaiden,
Sharon Buss, President


1Chaplain Melissa Slagle is highly qualified and has abundant experience that includes Crisis Intervention responding to the Oklahoma City bombing, 911 terrorist attack in New York, dozens of Florida Hurricanes, Gulf Coast Katrina/Rita disasters, wild fires, floods, school and work place violence situations and numerous tornado disasters.

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